Meeting of Minds

Woke up this morning feeling like cr** and had to laugh when I saw  it’s “International Day of the Toilet”? (Who makes this up?)

Decided to take a few minutes to meditate, hoping to upgrade my inner radio. Trying to focus on the “centering thought,” my mind wandered and I realized  I forgot to say how grateful I am to everyone who has dared to speak out, even if briefly, with love for France, against violence. I gave up on being a superior meditation genius and went on line to add a post. A message had just come in from the young Muslim French woman whose video blew me away earlier this week. I had hit her name and sent “Thank You” to her “other message” box on FB, the one that no one ever checks. She got it and responded, “Bonjour Aliss Merci à toi pour ces mots! Que dieu te garde et te préserve LOVE.”

She was sending me these words as I was meditating (however imperfectly)…

Thank you, Paris, for putting me in touch with people I never would have known otherwise, from completely different backgrounds, who share a desire for peace…

To be continued, Love, xxxx Aliss

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