Winter Window

DSC02517Birch after heavy rain, every branch carrying rows of identical tiny droplets reflecting the world. Playing with the image on the computer, trying to define details intensified the orange and turquoise shades and although it looks very different from what I saw in the moment, it’s truer to how I felt. Wanted a winter poem to quote. Went on line, found Shakespeare, Frost, De La Mare, Akhmatova… all deep, moving but nothing that fits. How to translate feeling into verse? Jot down whatever comes without self-censoring: colors, shapes, atmosphere…Sad, happy, wistful, longing, hoping, or all of the above? Memories, dreams, stories? Make an idea tree: note answers to above questions, then draw branches from each one and note words that come by association, keep going until you cover the page… Let rest a few hours or overnight, sleep, work, think about other things, walk…see if any phrases form, with or without rhymes. Let rest, come back and play, shuffle, cross out, replace…

A “work in progress”…like a riddle. Would love to know what you see from your window, your thoughts, please share in comments with links… To be continued.. xxxxx Aliss


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