Womenability! World Tour!

www.womenability.orgimage Happy International Day of Women!!!

More coming about this inspiring website and NGO but meanwhile, Bon Voyage Audrey and Julien Fernandez, off to Sweden for the first episode of their Womenability adventure…

Audrey Noeltner has degrees in urban planning from prestigious universities and could be raking in money working for governments or corporations. Instead she’s a social entrepreneur who has already created some cool stuff. The association she co-created, One,Two, Three, Rap! is sponsored by the US Embassy to help young people learn English using Hip Hop. She’s also organized forums between Paris  and NYC suburbs to foster grass roots community improvement in sensitive neighborhoods. Her latest brainchild, Womenability, has global ambitions. Thanks to crowdfunding and networking, Audrey and her team have set up a 7-month world tour to meet with female mayors and organize “exploratory city walks” designed to identify gender equality issues and find solutions.

Please visit the website and FB pages to see where Audrey and Julien are on their journey and how you can participate (contacts, couches, coin?)…Womenabiliy is also on twitter… To be continued!



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