Float Us


Sometimes I want to fly away…from the news, from my daily routines, my endless thought loops… Had a fantasy of total unplugging for a while this summer but of course that’s not possible and perhaps not advisable…History is in the making and luckily I saw FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. There is hope for our country if such a human being is in the arena. What a heart, what intelligence, what a beacon for our children and the future. And there are others… If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a link to Meryl Streep’s tribute to Hillary Clinton at the Women of the World Conference 2012, please watch it:

I’ve been following Hillary’s career for a long time. As Chairman of the Children’s Defense Fund, she came to France in the early 90’s, before she was FLOTUS, to study the French Pre-K and Kindergarten program (one of the best in the world) and make recommendations for the US.

In France, Day Care Is Every Child’s Right – NYTimes.com

When I was looking into pre-schools for my daughter in Paris, my friend Janet sent me a copy of the commission’s glowing report.I enrolled my little one at the local maternelle and we were delighted with the experience. That’s another story… Meanwhile these women float us above the heaviness and temptation to despair. Let us set intentions full of light for the future, let our hearts float on enlightenment… To be continued… xxxxx  Aliss

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