Flying over France…


My Paris, hard to come back this time, so much going on before I left, sad to leave my family and friends in the US, sad vacation is ending…long wait for our bags, announcements about highest-level terror alert…in the back seat of our taxi in from the airport, sit with my eyes closed, not just for lack of sleep…are 1000 refugees still huddled on the corner of my street? How will I help them?

Sunday noon, neighborhood almost empty, carry our bags into the building, first blessing: trees and flowers in our courtyard, still quiet. Ah, real coffee and baguette…unpack a few things before jet lag knocks me out. Doze, wake, doze, wake, watch Olympic round up on late-night French TV live from Rio and cry. Even sports announcers here use beautiful, precise language, commenting on a montage of passionate athletic performances by French and international athletes I never saw on NBC…almost no commercials, no blaring ads for cars and fast food, a very different outlook on our world… I’m thankful to see it from this vantage point…

Feel torn, so far away from loved ones…how has my life turned out this way? Not easy trying to be a bridge between the US, France, and Russia. Please help me use this gift, for compassion between nations, find the right words, for peace in me and around me, please help me keep perspective….

to be continued…xxxxx Aliss

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