My life inside an impressionist painting (shimmer)

Early autumn, Bassin de la Villette, Paris 19dsc02968

If you contemplate Monet’s waterlilies and then turn your gaze back to the present world, everything seems to glow with an inner light, especially here, near where he painted, at about the 50th parallel, a similar latitude to Quebec and Seattle, much farther north than the Washington, DC suburb where I was born, so much closer to the equator. When I first came here, I had no idea what this meant. Something felt “off”…not quite the way it was supposed to be, grayer, muted. In time I understood that the closer you are to the poles, sunlight enters the atmosphere more at a slant, with less intense luminosity, and perhaps a prismatic effect depending on the weather. You have to seek out radiance everywhere you can, but once your eyes adjust, you learn to detect a shimmer in the air, a subtle sparkle in each color…

To be continued…. xxxxx Aliss

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