I believe we can fly

dsc03091Lightening up for the holidays with shopping therapy, explored a new space opening in my off-the-beaten-track barrio. I’m torn between wanting to keep it all to myself or sharing it with the world… It’s Vill’Up in the 19th arrondissement, Metro Porte de la Villette or Correntin-Cariou. Brand new, with friendly faces offering samples of chocolates, frozen yoghurt, and mince pies, there are well-known chains (Marks and Spencer!!! Cultura, Sephora, Bensimon) and specialty shops I haven’t seen before, with unusual gifts, gourmet foods, spas, clothing for women, men, and children… plus restaurants, cinemas, and two new attractions: I Fly (pictured above, reserve in advance via their website!) and YOO MOOV (Virtual Reality Outer Space Experience? Will know more when it opens later this week)…

Laid out on three floors with a spectacular view over the park and Canal de l’Ourcq, it’s both welcoming and mind-expanding. Watching delighted kids and adults learning to fly with a coach in the glass air-tunnel tube, I remembered a story about the 60’s, during the Viet Nam War, when a large crowd of “Yippies” led by activists Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin vowed to exorcise and levitate the Pentagon with psychic energy as a non-violent gesture to end the war.

On October 21, 1967, 100,000 protesters formed a human chain with the intent of “chanting ancient Aramaic exorcism rites while standing in a circle around the building, (so) they could get it to rise into the air, turn orange and vibrate until all evil emissions had fled. The war would end forthwith.” For a hilarious account of the festivities, see:


Inspite of this, and contributions from Allen Ginsberg, the Fugs, Benjamin Spock, Peter, Paul, and Mary, and others, the massive structure did not lift 300 feet off the ground, or even 3 as was hoped, but the widely mediatized event, described by Norman Mailer in his Pulitzer Prize winning non fiction novel Armies of the Night, fed a ground swell that eventually brought peace and paved the way for non-violent movements of the 80’s and 90’s (WAM, ACT UP).

So I’m wondering…what can we do to levitate the heavy-handed, mean-spirited bullies of our time? Maybe start by learning to fly, bring that lightness into our beings and project it outward until they lift off?dsc03092Meanwhile, gorgeous handmade traditional crafts, jewelry, lighting, ceramics, furniture, linens, cards, Christmas decorations at Storie:dsc03093dsc03094Sensual women’s fashions and edgy jewelry at Nina Kendoza (waterfall and cascading plants in window at back of shop, go see):dsc03095International cuisine, coffee shops with news stand, open late…dsc03096Frozen yogurt to sample, served with a big smile, and Flying Tiger gift shop in background:dsc03097Gourmet chocolates, mustards, olive oils, vinegars, at Le Comptoir de Mathilde:dsc03098One of a kind gifts and decor items from new designers at Boutique Éphémère:dsc03099And endless fun:



xxxxxx Aliss

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