Still, Look Up


(Glass walkway and trampoline under the dome at Galeries Lafayette, this week)

Horrendous world news… What to do? Vote, donate, vote with our spending, listen, support any way we can and keep looking up… From all the brain research I’ve read, literally directing your eyes upward stimulates the frontal cortex, center of creative imagination and projecting ourselves into the future. MRI tracking shows that when this area is activated, the brain functions as a whole, harmonizing the fight or flight and emotional areas, with the inventive part. So this is what we need to design a different world.

xxxxx Aliss

3 thoughts on “Still, Look Up

  1. Hi Aliss,

    This is a wonderful post, thank you!

    Also, I noticed that my name has been put there with my Notre Dame comment. I wasn’t expecting that to happen after I sent you an email, rather than making a comment under the post.

    Please would you remove my surname? I would appreciate that as I have some security concerns.

    I really don’t want my full name being published.

    Thank you,

    Barbara ________________________________


      1. Hi, I’ve edited your last name out and am waiting for the site to update the post. If it doesn’t work, I’ll erase your post so that you don’t have to worry….


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