Summer Reset



What I look for in summer, refilling my inner lake… Time with family and friends, time in between without appointments of any kind, let my thoughts wander, let ideas come to the surface, let synthesis take place, and source new energy…

Food for poetic thought, an image from the I Ching:


I Ching Hexagram 58 – Tui / The Joyous, Lake

Hexagram 58
Above Tui the Joyous, Lake
Below Tui the Joyous, Lake

The trigram Tui denotes the youngest daughter; it is symbolized by the smiling lake, and its attribute is joyousness. True joy, therefore, rests on firmness and strength within, manifesting itself outwardly as yielding and gentle. The Joyous. Success. Perseverance is favorable.

To be continued…

xxxxx  Aliss

6 thoughts on “Summer Reset

  1. Aliss,
    What a wonderful website! I’m glad I was able to find you via this portal! This is Lara, your friend from many years ago (Julia and Lianne’s mom). I’m going to be in Paris for a brief moment in September (doing research related work). I’m hoping I can have tea with you, if you’ll be in town!
    Love and best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aliss,
        I will be in Paris with my mother from the afternoon of September 14, until about 1 pm or so on September 15. Would you like to get together during one of those timeframes? I have a few things I’d like to do while I’m in Paris for such a brief moment, so trying to figure out scheduling. I would be glad to meet, even for a cup of tea–it would be so nice just to see you again! Love, love, Lara


      2. Hi Lara, checked the family calendar and don’t have anything scheduled yet for that weekend. I can suggest a nice place to have tea on Saturday afternoon if that sounds good? If you’re on Facebook can you befriend me and PM your email address and or cell number so we can figure this out without posting private info on the Internet? 🙂


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