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I was born and grew up in a rural Washington, D.C. suburb. By a quirk of fate, I started learning French and Russian in kindergarten. This changed the course of my life, sending me on a quest to deepen cross-cultural understanding through communication in all its forms.

While in college, I earned scholarships for summer study at the University of Saint Petersburg, Russia and the Bryn Mawr Program in Avignon, France. Graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Rutgers, I received a Fulbright for my M.A. at La Sorbonne, following that with a degree in Holistic Psychology from l’Institut OSE, Paris.

I’ve contributed articles on style trends to Actuastyl (Promostyl, Paris) and pieces about children to LEADER Magazine (GSUSA, New York). My lyrics, music and voice have graced TV programs (Les Guignols de l’Info, Sous le soleil, Corto Maltèse, numerous childrens’ animated series), films (Régine, Une femme très amoureuse), and live productions, including the musical Soweto, based on the life of Nelson Mandela. I’ve penned and adapted numerous screenplays and subtitled outstanding French films: Oscar-winning La môme (La Vie en Rose) and La journée de la jupe, awarded a César.

As a singer-songwriter, I’ve recorded for Virgin, Polydor and Gaumont, performing at major venues such as le Zénith and l’Olympia. I’ve produced and co-written three CD’s, M’Blue: Jazzit, Le Resto Karmique (also a musical in which I played the female lead) and Aliss Terrell & Mister Lips (distributed on I-tunes and Amazon). I was the first person ever to star in a rap video shot on Red Square, “Life is Kife” (links below).

Two of my illustrated books can be viewed via the Brooklyn Art Library: Love From Leningrad and A Long Line of Monsters. My poetry has been published in two anthologies, The Joy That Follows and Best Poems and Poets of 2003. More videos on Youtube: Meridian Sky, So Long, My Paris. In July 2015, I was selected by European retail clothing giant C & A, to co-write a media project featuring text and performance about mothers and children.

Along the way, I married, I married a Frenchman and had two children, a daughter born in France and a son adopted in Russia. Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed coaching children and adults individually and in workshops.

This year I’m focusing on a memoir about my journeys to Russia, developing a visual project for families about time, and launching my blog.