Sanity Savers 17: The Now

DSC03360 (1)

Anguilla, looking west…This humminbird flew up as I was framing the sunset and hovered for what seemed like forever in humming bird time… A perfect present, a perfect now…. xxxxx Aliss


C’est La Life

Paris Plages, Bassin de la Villette, July 2016: sky, water, sun, greenery, people….momentary escape from machines and newsDSC02820

Thoughts on summer and the fabric we weave with our minds:

Spike in temperature, mini heat wave, living on top floor, challenge of trying to keep things cool. Close shutters, pull heat shades, live in the dark like Provençal houses. Unplug everything that isn’t necessary, but Wifi, computer, refrigerator, fans and portable AC still in use, all churning out calories like there’s no tomorrow. Machines to keep us and our food cool, machines to keep those machines cool, machines somewhere to make energy for those machines, and machines to cool the machines that make the energy? Multiply this times millions? Blame vehicle pollution, agricultural methane or our own machine addiction for global warming? Haven’t figured out a solution.

Spike in fear and anxiety from terrorist attacks, refugee camp around the corner (1200 adults and children being evacuated as I write this), US presidential campaign and nation-wide psychodrama…Taking mindfulness class, listening to sages, walking, breathing to keep calm. What part can we play? Meditating on rosé wine with ice cubes, laughing with friends around welcoming tables, vision of almost invisible golden threads linking us to loved ones everywhere when we smile, sing, pray, tell stories, listen, flowing into a glowing fabric, like an aura, joining the earth’s magnetic field, a shield of health to heal the breaks in so many places and keep u son track to the best possible scenario…

Mind over terror?

To be continued xxxxx Aliss

Infinitely Small, Infinitely Big


As chaos fills the headlines here in France, in the US and around the world…I find myself killing time in the lobby of Louis Vuitton HQ near Pont Neuf.  On a large flat screen, a documentary about the firm’s Minute Repeater watch. Extreme close ups of a master craftsman fitting in miniscule cogs, springs, wheels and gems. On another wall, a display case:  around an emblematic leather bag, colorful orbs suggesting planets…


Sirens wail in the streets and I can’t help thinking how we’re somewhere in between the infinitely tiny and the infinitely huge. Life is in the big picture, but also in the details. Cosmic choreography and minute clockwork, cycles, rhythms… Against a background of unspeakable tragedy, a smile, a flower…

To be continued…