Margaritas at Midnight

MARGARITAS THUMB SHIRLEY.jpgExcited to share “Margaritas at Midnight” my first music video as DIRECTOR 🙂

Recorded with the British band Rough Score, it’s a guaranteed tequila buzz in a bluesy lounge beach music video… Is it a cautionary tale or a love story?…

Special Bonus: world’s best margarita recipe 🙂

Here’s the link:


Questions, comments, likes, shares very welcome…

More soon!

xxxxxxx Aliss

Livin’ in the USA (2) Mermaid Parade

IMG_3983-1 (dragged)

Spur of the moment participation in the third annual Rosendale Mermaid Parade, a fund raiser for local pool, theater, and Farmers’ Market (Photo Matt Atkinson). Some views: IMG_4040.JPGParaders gathering in the park behind mainstreet (photo Lewis Primo)IMG_4005[2].JPGSeahorse in front of the bandstand (Photo Heather Lang)DSC03697DSC03696DSC03700DSC03694DSC03693DSC03699 (1)DSC03700DSC03701DSC03702DSC03703DSC03704DSC03707DSC03708DSC03710IMG_4048Paraders wow main street (Photo Lewis Primo)IMG_3979(Photo Matt Atkinson, all other photos by me)

Thank you people of Rosendale!  So long for now from the mermaids! xxxxx Aliss