I, Witness

Pageant of tragedy and beauty, a morning in Paris… How to hold these images and emotions in my heart and mind simultaneously?

Police checking ID’s at edge of refugee camp on the corner of my street, under the Metro station:dsc02988

Sun rising behind the Eiffel Tower, on my way to renovated Musée de l’Homme for first anniversary ceremony:dsc02989

Tour of plant life recovered from the Amazon and transformed by Frans Krajcberg, 96, Holocaust survivor, Red Army hero, defender of Brazilian rainforest and native people:dsc03000dsc02990dsc02999

Message from Sarayaku tribe, sending their humming bird boat to Europe, as an emissary for the environment: http://www.museedelhomme.fr/fr/visitez/agenda/exposition/pirogue-kindy-challwa-peuple-kichwa-sarayakupirogue-colibri-1.png

Papou Chief, Mundiya Kepanga, entrusting his ceremonial headdress to the Musée de l’Homme, as a living symbol of his forest home, saying goodbye to it, and asking it to use its magical powers to inspire visitors to protect the earth:dsc02991

Photographer Anne de Vandière, Tribes of the World, total immersion experience:dsc02992(Pictured: Chundu Sagmu, Balami Bhuddist nun, Nepal)

To be continued…. xxxxx Aliss