Voices in the Street


Americans, French and other nationalities took to the streets near the Eiffel Tower yesterday, believing there has to be a more enlightened ¬†way….”The committee organizing Paris Against Trump is a diverse coalition of U.S., French and international citizens including artists, writers, teachers, students, journalists, business professionals and activists.”

Photo by me, sign by Shannon Cain ūüôā

to be continued xxxxx Aliss

I won’t stop believing (November 9th)


Since I saw the swan on Friday, trying to find words for how I feel.
It’s been quite a year, many challenges in my life and around me, too many to count: terrorism, violent demonstrations, floods, refugee crisis, family issues, and now the US presidential election… Trying to stay up to date, reeling from toxic news overdose, head down, walking in cold rain, not looking for a sign, I lifted my eyes at the right moment and there it was, a¬†white swan, first in almost a year,* pure beauty and grace, life, resilience. Took my breath away, filled me with joy. The only way I can describe my feeling is “something happening in the Force”… but not a “disturbance”… so what is the opposite of disturbance? Smoothing of the force? Harmony in the force? Light in the force?
That day, someone added me to a private FB group called Pantsuit Nation, carrying positive information about the election that ballooned from a few people lightening up with pantsuits, to three million in a matter of days, a community of thought, a fabric of kindred spirits, shining like beads of light woven together in space.
Suddenly there was a refuge to share our stories, dreams, courage, determination, love, inspirations, tolerance. Millions people opening up, laughing and crying together, trading experiences and pictures. An antidote to the poisonous headlines.
There are millions of good people out there with energy for the future.
The days are darker as we move towards the winter solstice and the rebirth of Light. I won’t stop believing.
dsc03043Since Paris implemented a Biodiversity ¬†Program several years ago, stopped using pesticides, and began creating Green and Blue corridors for wildlife, a pair of swans settled on the canal and raised 6 cygnets every year. Last January we found one of the adults sick or wounded on an embankment and it was taken to the vet school for treatment. Never heard anything more about it but the flock disappeared completely. Until Friday…