Sanity Savers 7: Real Chocolate


When the world seems crazy, find a real chocolate maker. Chocolate made on site with love goes a long way on dark days, excellent for body and spirit… This chocolatier’s window lights up and delights our neighborhood, worth a trip to the 19th.

xxxxx Aliss


Love Sweet Love


Is there a recipe for more love? One to try: the Metta blessing I discovered thanks to  Krista Tippet and her On Being interview with Sylvia Boorstein, a Jewish Buddhist, thinker, and therapist. Boorstein shares a Lovingkindness meditation she has adapted into English.  Treat yourself. It’s 8 minutes of bliss, starting with a self-blessing we can all use: “May I feel safe, may I feel content, may I feel strong, may my life unfold with ease,” then expands to loved ones, acquaintances, and the world.

(Enjoy just the meditation or also indulge in the entire talk, about conscious child-raising and care-giving, including a poem by Neruda)

A gift you can give yourself and the planet. Why wait? Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to begin.

PS Boorstein gives other versions and background on line on the Yoga Journal website, on her blog and on Youtube…

Happy Valentine’s Day

xxxx Aliss