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Music in my blood, margaritas in my glass 

Started singing in the womb, harmonizing with my mom’s lush alto to the beat of her heart. Music on both sides of the family tree: in western PA, piano, violin and church choir, in south GA, fiddle and guitar at country weddings, songs out in the fields.

Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland. First time on stage, age 4, in recitals mixing tap dancing and Shakespeare at an experimental kindergarten. Songs in foreign languages, French, Russian, and Italian. As a geeky preteen taught myself finger picking with old folk vinyls lying around the house. In high school, lived for choir practice, talent shows and writing the school musical. The world was waiting, but we weren’t rich so I pulled down college scholarships to travel.

Exploring Russia and Europe got me involved in the international music scene in Paris, where I co-founded the first all-female French rock band, which had a flamboyant stage career but imploded after its first single. No problem, the buzz got me studio work and gigs as a video jock. Went pro, performing with a ton of iconic French idols you’ve never heard of, writing for TV and movies, releasing singles and CD’s as a solo artist, many now on streaming platforms. Co-founded La Belle Équipe sound studio and audio production company.

Having kids swept me away to a parallel universe where I had to find more stationary self-expression. Adapting screenplays and subtitling films got me into writing articles, political interviews, and stories about my travels until I could get back to gigs, etc.

Then M@M: my friend Richard Manwaring, a London musician and producer who’s worked with Human League, Van Morrison, Talking Heads (and me when I was with Virgin) was recording with his band Rough Score and sent me the M@M demo. It tasted of Happy Hours in NYC, Caribbean beaches, crazy nights, unforeseen love, and years of perfecting the recipe with my Margarita God (Lewis Primo, French rock star and producer) for fam and friends on both sides of the Atlantic. Liked the groove, rethought the lyrics from female POV, laid down vocals. Got ideas for a video, now 30,000 views and counting on YouTube. Must have potential because my Baby Martin acoustic version gets audiences singing along like they’ve known it forever.

Now writing songs for a new album, co-writing with younger artists, performing all over the place…sky’s the limit. (Haha this was written before COVID)…

Latest video:

Backstory and making of coming soon, watch this space!

Aliss Terrell